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Guilin Tourism Development Corporation

       Guilin Tourism Development Corporation, the biggest one of state-owned tourist enterprises in Guangxi, founded in 1998, consists of Transportation, Tourism, Urban Construction, Landscape industries, covering food, housing, transportation, travel, commercial, entertainment and more aspects. Guilin Tourism Development Corporation owns the total assets of 3 billion RMB, enjoying the receiving capacity of total 10 million visitors and the annual revenue of 800 million RMB. Business involves the transportation, travel agencies, hotels, gardens, the development of the scenic area, real estate, etc.
       Guilin Tourism Development Corporation owns one exclusively-invested enterprise, named Guilin Tourism Development Investment Company; branches including Seven Stars, Elephant Trunk Hill, Binjiang and Reed Flute Cave Administrative Office, Guilin Tourism Industrial Company, RonG Hu Lakes Hotel; holding companies including Guilin Tourism Corporation Limited and Guilin Wuzhou Tourism Corporation Limited; joint stock company including Guilin China International Travel Service co., LTD; and one Agency enterprise, Guilin Overseas Tourism Company.
       When we talk about what are the most classic spots in Guilin, it is no doubt that Seven Stars, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Diecai mountain, Fubo mountain are the most classic tourist spots with a long history, enjoying a important position and share of the market. The scenic areas we mentioned above of Guilin Tourism Development Corporation have been rated the Chinese National Key Scenic Spots by the State Council and the World Tourism Organization Recommended Scenic Spots by the world tourism organization tourism destination development and management of regional cooperation committee.

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